Franchise Opportunities

Lamppost Pizza is not offering franchises at the present time. We anticipate accepting applications for franchises early 2017. 
Many locations will be available for interested franchisees in the following states: California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. 
Total costs are anticipated to be $300,000 to $800,000. 
How To Apply
Click on application form to download the form (MS Word). Send the completed form to: Lamppost Pizza Corporation
3002 Dow Avenue, Suite 414
Tustin, CA 92780
Application Form
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I franchise a restaurant?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, statistics were released stating that "90% of all new restaurants fail while 95% of franchises succeed." There is a very good reason for this. By taking advantage of the strength in numbers and the corporate support, a typical store owner saves 11-14% in costs including food, labor, insurance, rent, and fixed expenses. That savings to the store's bottom line often insures success.

Why should I franchise a Lamppost Pizza restaurant?

Lamppost is a leader in the industry in providing to franchisees the Outline for Success. Lamppost corporate negotiates annually with manufacturers and distributors to insure that the Lamppost Pizza restaurants are provided the best quality product at the best price. We never compromise our product. Lamppost's proprietary recipes for the dough and sauce have received wide acclaim and as one of the existing franchisees recently stated, "The crust and sauce themselves are worth the cost of the franchise."
Our success rate in product and real estate negotiations are unparalleled in the industry. We have successfully negotiated pricing that is better than franchises much larger than ours. The training Lamppost provides begins long before you are open for business. Training includes budgeting, management and on-the-job training at a corporate facility that prepares the franchisee for every facet of restaurant operations. Additionally, Lamppost corporate offices are a phone call away for any emergency situation that may develop or just a question that may need to be answered. Lamppost's operations manual has been developed over 24 years and has most of the data needed to answer any operational question.

Can I franchise a whole territory?

There are many territories available. Lamppost franchises to individuals as well as to territorial franchisees. A simple telephone call to Lamppost corporate offices will advise you as to whether the area you are interested in qualifies for a territorial franchise.

What do I receive in exchange for my monthly royalty payment?

Besides providing some of the best recipes and the use of a well-respected name, Lamppost provides the expertise in product negotiation, ongoing training, and an ever-increasing number of locations to support each other and provide consistency and continuity that not only saves the individual operator substantial costs but provides recognition needed to compete in your local market.
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